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It is very nice to meet you and welcome to my blog. My name is Lena and I love to share the vegan way of living with everyone. 

a vegan became crucial to me as a result of a spiritual transformation.
My vegan lifestyle began in 2011 primarily by creating and preparing
vegan recipes and meals for family and friends. I believe my creative
approach helped redesign many traditional recipes from around the world,
especially from European and Asian cultures, in creating spectacular
vegan gourmet meals. My awakening through yoga, meditation, and
spirituality reconnected me to understand the importance of a healthy
vegan lifestyle for the mind, body and soul, and how it interrelates to
the nonhuman animals we share the world with.

Today people are learning about the effects of their food choices, and the connections it has on the earth and the creatures who share it with us. Our culture is awakening to living by loving, instead of living from killing. At Lena’s Vegan Living, I will demonstrate the importantance of creating and preparing meals for the spiritual transformation of the world and how it can benefit humans and the animals. The meals, both delicious and easy to prepare, can satiate any cravings for you and your family.

Daily choices create our reality; therefore we must be conscious of
what we’re creating. If we wish for love, peace and harmony, then our
choices must be in alignment with that energy. If we pay for products
that involve pain, suffering & war, then we’re creating reality of
pain, suffering & war. It’s that simple. Everything is energy. “

– Lena Novak  

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