About Vegan Lifestyle and Guidance to overcome challenges on the path to veganism.

Pulled Jackfruit made with Homemade BBQ Sauce on a bagel is a must try delight. Vegan

What is Vegan Lifestyle?

Vegan Lifestyle means living life that is loving, compassionate and least harmful to animals, nature humanity and to yourself. Vegans not only eat plant-based diet, but also use products that are plant-based and not tested on animals. Clothing can be synthetic, or plant-based, but never leather, silk or wool. The word VEGAN is created by Donald Watson, the founder of Vegan Society in 1944. You may read more HERE.

Whether you are just thinking about Vegan Lifestyle, or you are already taken a step or two, I am here to offer a guidance. Although Internet is full of information, not everyone has the time to search through, besides it can get quite confusing. Therefore, I have created this page for you to find everything in one place. I am also going to do my best clarify anything that may be puzzling.

How is the best way to transform to veganism?

Based on my experience I would advise gradual transformation to Vegan Lifestyle. Although it is much easier today than back in 2009. I was three years pescatarian/vegetarian prior going fully vegan in 2011. As a vegetarian you can eat eggs and dairy and as pescatarian some fish and seafood. However, I do not think you need three years like I did to achieve this goal. Today market has much wider selection of vegan products then fifteen years ago. Hence, your transition may take only one year, gradually replacing animal products with vegan products. I any case, make sure you always eat lots of greens, vegetables, and fruits, while adding some nuts.  Most importantly, pay attention to your body and use your intuition. Mediation combined with yoga or other exercise is invaluable factor to help you during this transition.

How to find the best vegan products?

Those that are available in Canada and U.S. are listed on this PAGE. After visiting Trenčín Slovakia where I was born, I have learned that even my small city is vegan friendly now. The supermarkets there offer great selection of vegan products. Vegan and vegan friendly restaurants can be found there as well. Based on that I can say that veganism in Europe is as advanced as in Canada or US. I am sure many other parts of the world are as well.

However, no matter where you are located, you must take time and research the vegan products in your country. In any case, try not to get stuck in vegan junk food diet! Oh yes! There are unhealthy vegan products on the market! They are just as bad for you as any common ones! I am not suggesting you cannot have some, just make sure it is in moderation.  

Well, this goes for all vegan substitute products, because they are after all processed foods. They are wonderful until you can transform to more wholefood based vegan diet. Of course, this is your personal choice, and it is totally up to you what type vegan diet you will chose. Most of my recipe on this BLOG are wholefood based. It is quite healthy, but they are other stricter diets. For example Whole Food Plant based diet, Raw Vegan or Fruitarian, but I will share more details about these diets in another article.

How to deal with the non vegan world?

The moment you decide you are going to be vegan; you are faced with a huge challenge. This is why many people do not want to cross that bridge. The life you had will never be the same, yet if you are like me, you will do it anyway. There is just something deep within that is stronger and it’s worth the sacrifice. Not to forget the vision of a brighter, less violent, more compassioned, and sustainable future.  If you hold on to that, you will overcome the challenges while facing the non vegan world.

In the meantime, you will most likely go through phases of sadness, hatred, and anger. Most vegans do and some never get over it. Fortunately, that is not what veganism is about. We are here to lead by example and not to hate. Do your best accepting the reality, including your friends, family, and the whole humanity the way it is. Humanity is evolving and everything takes time. As the old saying goes “Rome wasn’t built overnight”.  The testament to that is The Civil Rights Act and many other movements that pave the road to it. Yet, our freedom is connected to all beings that we share this planet with. Therefore, it is inevitable to grant them their freedom as well.

How to deal with family and peers who are not vegan!

  1. It is especially difficult if you are the only vegan in your family, trust me, I know! So how to deal with this? If you do not have a choice but to live with your family, then all you can do is to prepare your own meals.  You may offer some to your family members to try and ask their opinion. You can also have discussions about veganism if they are open to it.  Just be ready to accept that even after you spill your heart out, they will not go vegan. Most importantly, try not to force or lecture anyone about veganism. I learned the hard way! It does not work unless the individual is ready!
  2. The hardest part is when your spouse or love partner is non vegan. That will take some work and maybe in time they will join you. It can happen. I know of popular YouTube personality, The Korean Vegan who transformed to veganism because of her husband. Now she is vegan recipe creator herself. Needless to say, do not count on it and deal with the situation the best you can.
  3. If you are single and living with family or non vegan roommate, the last option is moving out. If you cannot afford your own place, finding vegan roommates could be an option. Although, it depends on where you live. It is much easier in bigger cities, since the number of vegans is much large there. Here are some helpful links for finding vegans in Toronto GTA where I live. Unfortunately, if you live elsewhere, you must figure it out on your own. I wish you all the best!

How to deal with social media!

Social media, such as Facebook and all the rest are wonderful platforms to promote veganism. These platforms are also great for connecting with other vegans, vegan groups and learn more about veganism. It may help you find your vegan path that will be the most satisfying to you. For example, you can choose animal rights activism, animal rescue or both. Or if you prefer something creative, you can start sharing recipes, vegan art, or clothing line. You may also start a blog and YouTube channel.  

The key is to find you niche and focus primarily on that, instead on the pitfalls, such us these!

  1. Over posting and rubbing cruelty in your non vegan friends faces.
  2. Arguing with non vegans, vegetarians and even vegans over a different point of view. These discussions can go on and on! Do not waste your time and energy, it is totally futile!  If someone writes negative comment on your post, just ignore it.
  3. Also, you don’t have to like and comment on everyone’s posts, accept all invitations, and sign all petitions! You are only human, and you have a life outside of social media.

I tried to cover everything I could think of, based on my own experience.  I do not have all the answers, because everyone’s situation is unique. Still, I am here for you and if you need guidance through some challenges, feel free to CONTACT ME anytime.


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