Rose Farfalle is one of the Italian classics that is hard to give up even when you are omitting dairy. Therefore, this alternative is the perfect and satisfying option. They are so many dishes in Italian cuisine that are easy to veganize and Rose Farfalle is a perfect example. This is actulay my second recipe


Vanilla Cake with Coconut Cream, Peaches & Berries is delicious, fluffy & moist dessert for any occasion. And you don’t have to be a pastry chef to make it. Tomorrow is the 1st day of AUTUMN and I barely made it posting this Vanilla Cake, which is one of my last days of summer recipes.


Buffalo Cauliflower Wings are oven baked, yet finger licking good and satisfying treat especially while served vegan Ranch Dip. They are great for parties or dinner, just like any other finger foods. Summer is almost over, although the weather here in Toronto area does not seem that way. Not that I am complaining, because I