Berry Parfait with Coconut Yogurt & Granola Eating healthy is always important, however, people seems to pay more attention now then ever. The COVID 19 has turned our lives up side down, but we don’t have to hide under the bed and be sacred. There is a lot we can do to protect and also


Crunchy Nut Free Quinoa Granola with Seeds My original recipe for this super healthy and delicious granola is actually NUTTY GRANOLA. However, my younger daughter doesn’t like nuts, therefore I created also a NUT FREE GRANOLA. In fact, lots of people are allergic to nuts and those of you who like them can add them


Thai Green Curry Sauce, served with Caramelized Tofu, Hon Shimeji Mushrooms & Veggies. Sometimes, making your own healthier version is worth the time and effort. And the taste is absolutely dreamy! Or should I say exotic? If you are a curry and Thai food lover like me then here is another super yummy and healthy


Traditional Hummus with Fresh Coriander & Purple Oven Baked Fries If you read my BAKED PURPLE YAMS blog, you may know about my search for purple flesh yams. The variety of yams is quite wide, but most supermarkets have available only few. The most common are orange sweet potatoes, but also purple yams, that I


Vanilla Custard with Quinoa Granola & Strawberries Can you believe I made these cute little vanilla custard parfaits only because of the little jars? I was walking around in our local supermarket while besides shopping I was also inspecting new vegan products, as I always do, lol. And there it was; Riviera Vegan Yogurt that


Finely sliced Kale with Red Cabbage mixed with Walnuts & Pomegranate. Not only delicious taste, but also powerful boost to your immune system that will keep you healthy all year round! This is one of my oldest and very popular recipe among friends and family, but why the name Guru Salad? I hope you are


Old Fashioned Spelt Berry Crumb Cake with Quinoa Honestly, I have no words to describe how delicious, yet easy to make this cake is. Not to mention, totally guilt free!!! I remember my grandmother used to make very similar cakes like, but she usually made it with plums. And of course, they were not vegan,


Creamy Veggie Chowder with Cauliflower, Corn & Mushrooms Since the first time I discovered what a creamy, yet healthy dairy substitute cauliflower can be, I fell in love with it. Since then I made not only creamy soups, I but also pasta sauce, Thai food sauce and mashed potatoes. It was all delicious, therefor I