Chewy & Crunchy Chocolate Truffles with Whole Hazelnut in the Centre Believe or not, I made these truffles for Valentines Day, but I did’s get the chance to take photos, because we ate them so fast, lol. They are absolutely dreamy, therefore I had to make them again and share the recipe with you. Oh,


Jackfruit Fajitas with Black Bean Spread, Salsa & Cashew Sour Cream One thing I learned about FAJITAS, is that you need the right combination of flavors and textures to make them perfect. This is why I couldn’t even write all the recipes that you need to make them in this one blog, however, if you


Chia Parfait with Green Spirulina, Yogurt & Fruit We are in the second half of February, thank goodness! I am literally counting the days, because the weather here in Toronto is unbearable. It’s snows at night, then it melts at day time, the sky is mostly gloomy so it’s mess, lol. I need to see


Guilt free Waffles with Chocolate Syrup & Strawberries Well, I am really running late, because tomorrow is Valentine’s Day and I was planing to publish this recipe yesterday. However, my daughter asked me to go with her and my four years old twin grandsons skating, so obviously I dropped everything, lol. Oh, but I wasn’t


Assorted Veggies in Sweet & Spicy Thai Sauce As a vegan foodie who often thinks outside of the box, I love to experiment with the use of nontraditional ingredients. In the case of this delicious Sweet & Spicy Thai sauce the use of seasonal PERSIMMONS makes this traditional dish healthier yet flavorful choice. Although, I


Baked Purple Yams with Edamame & Avo – Mayo is flavorful recipe, that is easy to make and the whole family will enjoy. It can be served as main course or side dish. The choice is yours. When I bought these purple yams I was hopping they would be purple inside as well, unfortunately they